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    Date : 2014.10.16(Thu)
    Venue : Seoul, COEX 3F Conference Room South 317
    Time Subject and presenter
    09:00~09:15(15’) Opening Remarks
    Session 1
    The evolution of the Smart Grid
    [USA]What's New in the NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability  Standards 3.0 download
    - NIST:
    David Wollman
    (Smart grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office, Deputy Director)
    Vicky Pillitteri
    (Computer Security Division, Advisor for Information Systems Security)
    Dean Prochaska
    (Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office, National Coordinator
    for Smart Grid Conformance)
    Jerry Fitzpatrick(Applied Electrical Metrology Group, Group Leader)
    10:30~11:30(60’) [Korea] Korea SG New Architecture and Frame 2.0 
    - KATS: Jee sik Park(National Standard Coordinator for Smart Grid) download
    - SGSF : Gunhee Lee(NSRI, Senior Member of Engineering Staff) download  
    11:30~13:00(90’) Lunch 
    Session 2
    The Electric Vehicle - The opportunities and Threats
    [USA]The US Electric Vehicle roadmap and status of standardization, testing and trials download
    - SGIP: Mike Bourton (Grid2Home Inc., Founder & Vice President of Business Development) 
    [Korea]New paradigm of using energy for EV and status of charging service business download
    - SGSF: Tae-young Jung (JoongAng Control, Director, SGSF) 
    13:50~14:00(10’) Panel Discussion
    14:00~14:15(15’) Coffee Break 
    Session 3
    Energy storage and Microgrids - The independent and reliable supply future
    14:15~14:40(25’) [USA] The issues and potential solutions for renewable deployments in the U.S. download
    - SGIP: Paul Molitor(NEMA, Asst. Vice President)
    14:40~15:05(25’) [Korea] The case and standards for Microgrid & Energy storage in Korea download 
    - SGSF: Eung sang Kim(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Director, SGSF) 
    15:05~15:15(10’) Panel Discussion
    15:15~15:25(10’) Coffee Break 
    Session 4
    Testing and Certification - The key to Interoperability?
    15:25~15:50(25’) [USA] Status of the process of testing and certification activities at SGIP download 
    - SGIP: Steve Kang (QualityLogic, Senior Vice President of Engineering, representing SGIP) 
    15:50~16:15(25’) [Korea] Testing and Certification priority and activity in Korea download 
    - SGSF: Jong-geol Yoo(Korea Testing Laboratory, Chief Engineer)
    16:15~16:30(15’) Panel Discussion
    16:30~16:40(10’) Closing remarks 
    * NIST : National Institute of Standards and Technology / * SGIP : Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
    * KATS : Korean Agency for Technology and Standards / * SGSF : Smart Grid Standardization Forum

    * Program and speakers will be updated.